What is Reading About Me?

Reading About Me! (RAM) is a beginning reading program specifically designed to hold the interest of visual learners and can be used by parents, teachers or anyone interested to teach individuals of all ages to read. Success is maximized when the approach is fun and personalized to the interests of the learner.
  • Fully customizable with individualized content
  • Lessons personalized to interests of the learner
  • Designed to hold the interest of visual learners
  • Proven to work with a variety of learning abilities
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Subscriptions are available for single users at home and multiple users in school settings providing full program privileges for 12 months




"RAM centers on the personal and visual aspect of teaching that works so well for children experiencing Autism. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your child, who has struggled with traditional approaches, read entire sentences and books!"
~Kelly Dempsey, Kindergarten
Teacher and Parent