How Does Reading About Me Work?

2.6.5 - Manage Images Screen (Small).JPGReading About Me! (RAM!) 
is a beginning reading program designed for any person who can successfully  match two identical pictures or objects. Utilizing a sight-based word approach, RAM! incorporates high interest personal words and pictures meaningful and unique to each learner into each of 14 core lessons provided.  These custom lessons become the foundation of 
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 teaching reading and allow for endless combinationsof words and lesson themes for various-aged learners.
Personal pictures are uploaded and linked with words allowing learner specific word cards, picture cards, books and games to be printed. These materials are systematically taught using “Match”, “Select” and “Name” in short 5-10 minute sessions.  Beginning alphabet letters and sounds corresponding to each lesson word are taught as part of the lesson.  Over time, an assortment of fun word games are introduced and played both on and offline.
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At the close of each instructional session, an online “probe” is taken, testing which words the learner has mastered.  This data, along with session minutes, is recorded and an instant lesson progress report can be viewed or printed anytime.  As words and letters are acquired, they go into a “word bank” and are available for games and books for added practice and retention.  RAM’s versatility and powerful word database give instructors instant access to fully customized reading programs for one or more learners. In addition, assistants can be assigned to a learner’s program enabling others—parents, relatives, educators, peers, etc.—to collaborate on teaching from home, school, on vacation or anywhere internet access can be found.        

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