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“I have used Reading About Me with some students with special needs in my classroom when more traditional reading approaches were not working and have seen amazing results.  RAM has helped struggling students get started down the path of becoming readers.”
Cara Taylor, Teacher, K-1 class


"I was amazed at how effortless it was to engage Ava in the RAM program. The personalized words and photos made the experience fun, comfortable, and interesting! I am so proud of my girl and cannot stress enough how much I love this program, it WORKS! By the third time we used her photo and word strips she could read every one and was ready for more! Ava is excited to read for anyone who will listen!"
Kala Mulvey, Parent 

brochure_photo.jpg“RAM centers on the personal and visual aspect of teaching that works so well for children experiencing Autism.  Just as social stories and visual cues help my daughter to understand different situations and expectations, RAM has utilized those same principles in teaching my daughter how to read.  There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your child, who has struggled with traditional methods, read entire sentences and books!”
Kelly Dempsey, Kindergarten Teacher and Parent
"Reading About Me is an effective program for all students.  Tapping into student interests motivates them in acquiring critical basic skills, while promoting more complex skills. Reading About Me is part of our pre-service training program's reading methods course.  I recommend it as a stand-alone or as an addition to other reading programs."
Dr. Gregg Gassman, Coordinator
Southern Oregon University Special Education Programs

IMG_5979 (Small).jpg “I have never seen Danielle so focused on what she was doing, as when she is working with this program. Her book is about family. She has learned to recognize and read the words so well. We are very excited and very grateful for this opportunity!”
Mercy Fiebelkorn, Parent of Danielle, age 20
“The DSASO reading program opened the door for Sean to participate in the world around him.”
Jackie Smedegaard, Parent of Sean, age 17
“No words can describe the feeling you have when you hear your child read his first letter, his first word, his first sentence and his first book. Reading About Me! has given Stephen the gift of reading. Additionally the program has improved my son’s speech and his ability to stay focused.”
Lauri Eisenhaur, Parent of Stephen, age 5